Thursday, February 27, 2020

Interesting discovery

I wove up the green paper and found the texture was different from the first,  because of the dyeing. It was stiffer, less yielding. Interesting.

And though it was the same amount of paper, I think cut the same width, it wove up a whole centimetre shorter than the first. Which it's supposed to match.

This is not a problem. I'll just unweave enough of the first to match, and go from there. But it's a finding to remember.

Meanwhile I'm reviewing Coptic stitching for binding. But I find it a bit fussy. I have another idea to try. We'll see.


  1. Just popping in to say I'm still watching. :) Intrigued with how (and where) this is going.

  2. It seems to be giving quite a bit of pleasure all round. My knitting group wanted to see pix!

  3. Interesting. You'd think, with the addition of the dye, that the fibres of the paper would puff up a bit and result in something longer if anything. But then again, adding liquid in the form of the dye could just cause the fibres to become smaller in diameter. Makes my head hurt just pondering that one!

    1. It might be that I cut the first strips a fraction narrower, too. But now I'm going to cut them all one cm. Then we'll at least have consistency.


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