Sunday, June 24, 2018

Summer concert at the libe

Great afternoon of music by the Chinese American Music Ensemble chorus, drawn from all over the state. Songs ranged from a stunning soprano solo aria from a Peking opera, to American and Chinese folk and pop, and a piano solo of Debussy.

Here's the group

And here are the conductor and pianist

And their program in Chinese and English, with the flyer of the summer series

We're a multinational small town, 19 languages at last count, so the series reflects many parts of our heritage.

We're rich in people and talent.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Gift from the knitting group

Last meeting an old lady came, new member, keen sewer and crocheter, not sure what to make, so she started a little granny square. When I admired it she gave it to me, over protest. And I realized she'd made a scissor tag, at least that's how I could use it right away. I showed her my embroidery scissors with a chunk of yarn which has been waiting years to be replaced. And she promptly crocheted a chain, and attached it!  Lovely spontaneous gift.

The picture shows the creator, my new tag, and a bag she designed and made. Picture quality not very good, shot against the light, and she was ready to leave. But better than not seeing her work.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Playing with stamps and carving

A while back I talked about carving with wood.  And I did give it a try, whittling, and other carving.  But I found again that my hands just aren't up to it, and this didn't prosper.  So I took a break to think about this and get over it.  The same tools are equally good for other carving. And now I'm playing with carving again, but on a softer material.  It's fun to draw your design on large erasers, which make great blocks, and do a few stamping experiments. Over the years I've made a few carved stamps, and used them in artist books, and as part of bigger artworks, so this is a continuation of that strand.

I wanted to capitalize on my Chinese ink drawing from earlier, and drew a design with carpenter's pencil, to carve from.  I will do more of this, now that I've thought of combining the two forms.

Friday, June 1, 2018

June, white rabbits, and your assurance of privacy, read on

As you probably know, the EU GDP (General Data Protection) laws recently went into effect, and you have a right to know how and if they affect your participation in  my blogs.  Though the law applies only in the EU, it's important to know that my own policies have always respected personal information, and here's my assurance on that.

Your privacy is important to you,  so the statements below outline how I handle your personal information. First of all, thank you for visiting my blogs, following my blogs, and for leaving comments on my blog posts, all of which I so much appreciate.  
According to the new laws in effect regarding the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), there must be a disclaimer available on these blogs.  You have the right to know how your personal data is being processed, and particularly, that any information on you is handled respectfully and appropriately by me, as the only person with access to the navigation tools for these blogs. 

"Field and Fen" and "Art the Beautiful Metaphor" are independently operated blogs created, written and run by me (Liz Adams) and within which I share a range of subjects, including my creative work and process along with book reviews, art exhibit reviews, recipes of my own cooking, adventures with my character dolls, the Dollivers, and my forays into DIY, and my own photos of the work.  I am the owner, creator and only administrator of this blog. I do not have any advertising contracts for these blogs.

This blog is written by me and if I share a link to any other person's work/pictures/articles I clearly state the proper link to said work.  As you use the links, please respect the privacy and regulations of the websites you access.
My computer has a running up-to-date anti-virus program in place at all times.  Spam is detected and dealt with promptly and inappropriate comments are deleted. 
- if you leave a comment on the blog your email address could possibly be shared with me (and with me only) in order that I am able to respond to your comments.  
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- Your email and name are never sold by me. I make no inappropriate use of your information.

 Anyone within the blogging community knows how much we love comments and feedback.  If you  leave a comment, it will  be visible to anyone who reads the comment section.   For that reason, please do not share any detailed personal information in your comments.  I do reserve the right to remove inappropriate comments.  You can delete, if you choose, any comments you have written. All comments are also covered by the Google Privacy Policy.
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My blogs are very small, friendly places, and I appreciate your knowing how I respect and care for your privacy. I don't photograph anyone without permission, I don't allow street names, auto plates, house numbers, etc to appear in my pix. Full names are only used when it's a writer, artist, ot other person who welcomes the exposure, not for private individuals.
So that's where we are!  Same as we always were, in fact.
Enjoy the weekend!