Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Aunt Maggie's slippers rule, also dogs and dolls

So I needed new slippers, since I wear them out, then the first pair

was in the laundry so I needed more, finished just now

These are easy, suitable for working on at my knitting group while I chat.

 You need two levels of knitting: one that needs thought and attention, one that doesn't! Lace and long rows and counting and

breed specific dogs are in the first category, making dishcloths, potholders, slippers, and

simple(r) dolls in the second.


  1. LOL! When I saw the thumbnail photo on the blog notice, I thought they were cupcakes. Nice slippers.

  2. I love to knit socks on dpns. It feels so authentic.

  3. Hmmm....I'm now trying to shut off the light bulb that just went on in my brain. You know the one that keeps telling you that making slippers for all the family for Christmas might be fun. I created that monster years ago when I gave everyone felted slippers and now I'm on their speed dial for new ones every time they wear a pair out. That's quite enough 'slipper' to contend with so I'm flipping that bulb switch off!!!

  4. It's so tempting when you see a project to think oh that would be good..then sanity returns and you commit to what you want to do.


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