Wednesday, July 29, 2020

The Izzies have landed!

In today's mail a lovely letter of acknowledgement from HPIC  for the latest batch of Izzies.

No need to write, really, but it's good to know they arrived safely.

If you can read the type, it explains again why we do this. And if course it's a little carrot, to continue.  This particular knitting donkey doesn't need a carrot to keep  us trotting, but we like seeing it there.

And all the readers in here cheering and encouraging, are part of the work, never forget that you're vital to this donkey!


  1. It's nice they connect to let you know your Izzies arrived safely. That's cool that the dolls serve two purposes, first as packing material and then as toys.

    1. That packing idea was what originally attracted me to the project. I thought these were the kind of imaginative and inventive people I can work with!

  2. I was impressed when you explained the little dolls replace those detestable foam peanuts.


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