Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Sunflower is done. and so's the stitcher

Here's the sunflower on silk piece, unframed, still with the basting around the edges, out of the picture, securing the cotton lawn to the silk,and still with the indentation of the hoop, before it was stretched

and here, stretched and  in a box frame, which is transparent on the sides, too, so you see the wraparound effect of the silk. 


This is probably how it will be framed permanently.  I need to put a backing on after I'm sure I like the positioning, which actually looks okay to me. 

It's on the wall, so I can see it better and decide if any adjustments are asking to be made.  Interesting to see that the eastern light shows up blues and purples, and the western light, evening pic, shows up the reds!  this is actually truer to the dyes.
This was great fun, wonderful mixture of working with silk, using metallic threads and beads and floss, and various stitches.

Now that moment of anxiety sets in, wondering what comes next...


  1. I like it!! I love the colours and your stitching has enhanced them so well. It makes me happy to look at it!

  2. Splendid work, and so quickly finished. I enjoy your explanatory narrative which certainly helps me to appreciate your work. Hope that doesn't sound too stuffy !

  3. I love the abstract quality of this piece. It feels joyful and celebratory - like how the sunflower must feel at its zenith. Terrific!


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