Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Dollivers Send in the Plarn Troops

Two brave Dollivers were volunteered by their peers to come cut up plastic bags to create plastic yarn aka plarn. 

Here they are wielding scissors with enthusiasm.  Note the broomhandles, I mean knitting needles, in that pic,too. Then we cast on about eight giant stitches and proceeded to knit garter stitch for a few rows before exhaustion overtook their yarny arms.

Closeup of their feat.  It takes a lot of room to do this kind of knitting, what with swinging the needles around.  I think it's more of a spectator sport for the Festival, than an actual participatory one...I can see it now, people being swept off their feet by the knitter changing rows.

Elton the musician commented that this reminded him of those Swiss horn players in the mountains.

But, as you see, there's practically nothing you can't knit with.  And no idea that's too far out to consider for our Festival.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Interesting! I once knitted a bag with strips of recycled denim...never again will I repeat THAT process. It was positively painful on my hands.

Boud said...

And denim tends to weigh a ton! plarn is not kind to your hands for any extended work, since it tends to stretch and pull back at your fingers as you work, ow. But this kind of fun performance art is okay! it's easy to weave with.

margaret said...

the knitting has worked, have seen people knitting with massive thick pieces of wood needles at the Knitting and Stitching shows that are held here, as you say it is very tiring on the arms

Minimiss said...

That really does look positively dangerous. I'm glad no Dollivers were harmed in the process.