Monday, August 26, 2013

Now for something completely different..

Different from rusty metal, anyway.  Here's my latest setup, tape binding the hoop courtesy of Judy T., whose Big Box of Stitching Delights is being shared around here and there.  You need to bind a hoop if you're going to use something as fragile as silk, though some people always do it, to avoid a permanent ring on the fabric.  I think it can be pressed out or stretched out, so I'm not so conscientious about that.  It takes a lot of seam binding to do a hoop, and nowadays it's expensive, so The Box was very handy to go to.

But here, with a piece of unbleached muslin backing one layer of silk organza and one layer of silk chiffon, with  images printed on both from two of my Tyvek paintings, it's an issue.  

Can't tell you how long I fiddled at this to get all the pieces of fabric in the right orientation to each other, and in the hoop, and happy together,with the images falling on one another the way I wanted.

Next I have to figure out how to work on this.  Must study ideas.
And right there on the patio in the sunshine, wild cherries on my doughty cherry tree, what's left of her after Irene and Sandy, still blooming away for the birds.  I got a bit carried away thinking about the designs they suggest.


  1. the colours of your dyed fabric are very nice indeed but cannot see your 2 designs on it.
    I got no cherries from my tree as the birds got there first!

  2. What you see IS the design! the stitching will emphasize and delineate parts of it.

  3. This will be another interesting piece for me to keep an eye on and look at those cherries. You lucky thing. Do you manage to beat the birds to them?

  4. They're wild cherries, very bitter, mostly pit, and I'm glad to leave them for the birds!

  5. I'm sure the birds appreciate your sacrifice.


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