Friday, October 12, 2018

Thing Three, the pashmina continued

 Found a piece of black fabric, maybe liner, and made a lined purse from another bit of the pashmina.

 Inserted a pocket for phone, and after this, the whole thing folds over side to side,
 and I'll make a bead and loop closing, about where you see the bead there, using the embroidery floss seen in the second pic up there.

 I was thinking as I went and ended up with a kind of pursigami. Right for dropping into my actual purse. More fun than plan and execute!


  1. Thank you! It incorporated something I'd been wanting to try for years, that trick with sewing lining and purse right sides together then turning them so the lining ends up inside. Full disclosure: that, and using up more fabric, is the main reason I did it.

    I tend to have a function follows form approach, aka cart before horse syndrome.

  2. The cart before horse system really worked for you here! that's a lovely design and such a satisfying outcome :)

  3. I really like this! Now I REALLY wish I hadn't sent that pashmina off to the thrift store.

  4. You might end up buying one from the thriftie!


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