Thursday, February 9, 2012

TAST Week Six, Chevron Stitch

I was in the midst of creating a Rule of Three artwork when this challenge came in, and it fitted in just fine! you'll see chevron in the top panel of composition, Anxiety

then Collapse in the middle one

then Resolution in the third, woven one

The top two panels are stitched in embroidery floss, unplied, and the bottom one, the weaving, has a warp of embroidery floss and weft in various colors of fine wire. The base is handmade abaca paper I made in my studio some time ago, and which comes in very handy in this kind of mixed media work. Very difficult to stitch through, though, think about shoving a needle through lino or something! But permanently stable, since it's made from original abaca fiber, Ph pure. The three will be hung separately, vertically, each backed with foamcore to stabilize them on the wall, but it won't show, because I want to preserve the ragged edges.

If you're not familiar with the art concept of Rule of Three, it's just that three is a balanced and interesting grouping -- as in the triangle, which is both visually and physically stable, and which you will see all the time in classical painting, the way the composition is created, I mean. Odd numbers in general work better in art than even numbers, and in real life, it's always nicer to receive an odd number of flowers, because they're easier to arrange in a vase. Not that the purveyors of a dozen red roses will take any notice of that, of course..

Anyway, this work, if you're interested in deconstruction, is about, reading top to bottom, insecurity, middle panel dissolution, bottom panel resolution. Each panel is approximately 8 x 11 inches. And you can interpret further at will, your fun!


  1. Long ago. as a child, I was taught a rule of three to aim for - 'good, better, best'. I'm not sure I've got there after many years trying! This artwork looks very good on the black background above - I think my preference would be with one background rather than displayed separateley,

  2. it's very creative. What A pity. my english is too poor to allowes me to say what I want about your work.

  3. complètement décalé ! totally off the beaten tracks ! interesting !

  4. Oh I love thes three pieces they are wonderful, so simple and yet so elegant.

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  6. Thank you for your interesting explanation about the Rule of Three. Very neat that you did this stitching on handmade paper!


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