Thursday, August 30, 2018

Knitting in three stages

I've been inundated with yarn, about ten bags, new, clean, cared for, as my friend empties her late sister's apartment, plus art supplies, books, a lot of very good items.

So I've started passing them along to various art and knitting friends, and seeing what I might use, since the sister had said firmly she wanted everything to be used, one way or another.

The latest batch came yesterday, and included a half made pair of socks, on size one dpns, probably knitted alternately to make sure the pair matched and got finished. In the trove was also this book, a collection of sock patterns from a nineteenth century magazine which went out of business in the late century.  So I'm thinking of doing some detective work since I think these socks are from the book. I may finish them and give them to my friend, to honor her sister.

Meanwhile I had knitted one half of a vest, seen here in blue wool, but there wasn't enough to complete it. Sent away for more yarn, meanwhile embarked on a cheerful cotton version seen here. The vest is fun to knit.

You see the piece in blue? That middle curve is the armhole. This bit goes from center front to center back. The second half does same for the other side. Then you button it up front and back. You only need join the shoulders. Then it's reversible, round or v neck at front.

Very inventive design. I will need ten buttons for each vest. Any suggestions? I'm thinking of making them myself, clay, or knitted, not sure. They need to be comfortable to lean back on, since there will be back buttons however you wear it.

It looks as if my fall and winter projects are upon me. Here was I thinking about trying my hand at spinning flax, but I think that's for later.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Ankle socks done!

Random stripey socks, ready for their debut.

Very comfortable to wear. Fun, too, always a good thing.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Provisional cast on, aka story of our lives..

I like toe up socks because there's no pesky finishing to annoy your toes in use. But it does require that you use a provisional cast on. This is a fiendishly clever piece of engineering which enables you, once the toe cap is done, to pick up the half of the stitches which were waiting for the cap to meet them, with no evidence that they were ever apart.

It's brilliant. And seems simple. Like those squirrel proof feeders. I've made a few pairs of socks with varying success at the pco. One I invented which didn't work, ended up picking out the pco bit by bit. Then I tried the crocheted pco, following directions. When it came to the "just zip it out" bit, it didn't. Ended up picking out etc etc.

So here we are with another gallant try, following YouTube tutorial. She appears to be working nice and slowly until you try to work along. Several ditched attempts and now I think I have it. Not elegant, but the dark red yarn is supposed to slide out once I need those stitches again. We'll see if it results in another picking out bit by bit.. I am hopeful.

Aren't the stitch markers lovely? Gift from a Rav friend in an embroidered clamshell case.

So I learned this pco yesterday. It's a good day when you learn a new thing. And all the socks I've knitted look fine.

You'd never guess the ineptitude that went into the pcos.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Why I like toe up socks

You can try as you go. Here I'm using knitpicks fingering in two different gradients, and I'm changing up the colors as I want, rather than following the gradient as it comes. On the toe I did wrap and turn for the shortrowing, but didn't like it so much, and for the heel I'm doing the plain shortrowing. I like it better without the fussy wraps.

Duncan is still with me, sinking, but he  keeps reviving and postponing his end, and here he is checking the fit. He revived to the point of chasing the working needle and getting involved in the yarn.

Really liking these to date.

Another large stash of yarn is coming my way soon, from a friend who died a couple of days ago. Her sister wants me to deal with it, which I will. A bit for me, a lot to share around.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Finished and already in action

This is actually a yarn I bought. Can't remember ever buying yarn before. Either it's a gift or a rescue or a harvest or I spun it. I loved this gradient from knitpicks. Even to the point of using hated circulars, because of the large number of stitches.

And I'm knitting socks from another gradient, blue to yellow to white. On favorite bamboo dpns.

Despite the heat advisory today I'm wearing the shawly scarfy thing because AC at the libe is turned up to eleven.

The second one is nearer to the rl colors, and shows the drape in action. Really liking this. It's a very elongated triangle which is knitted across the length, very interesting but simple pattern. I'm not where my files are, but if anyone wants to know more let me know and I'll check when I get home.