Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Knitting in cotton and wire

Alongside all these embroidery capers, I've been working steadily along on other fiber arts works. Here's Fishnet, knitted in various stitches, with applied fish knitted and wrapped in wire, stretched on a frame. Size is about 30 x 16, forgot to measure exactly and now I'm on a different floor. Anyway, this is an entry in my summer exhibit, seems seasonable, come to think of it!

Whole work

and a detail

so you can see the fish better and the knitted stitches, too

There are passages of Feather and Fan, various forms of yarnover wraps and drops, lace using k2togs, and various other little adventures in here. The thread is heavy cotton, terrible on your hands, because it doesn't "give" as you work, but okay to make this piece. The fish are various gauges of wire ranging from 28 up to fatter.

All this is done, as usual, alla prima: no planning and and rough sketches ahead of time, just go with what the yarn wants to do. The fish were already a wall item,but I realized they really belonged as part of this work, so I swam them over into it.


Minimiss said...

Pretty fishies and what a lovely net to be caught in.

dogonart said...

Love this piece. Am wondering if the fishy interest is genetic ??

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Immediate thoughts of Irene - she's our resident fish-person and it's obvious it runs in the family!!

JennyPennyPoppy said...

This looks really neat and creative!!

ari_1965 said...