Saturday, February 4, 2012

Collaborative Fiber Art

In a box of fabric scraps I was given recently, was this piece of, I think, Japanese, hand printed fabric,which was just what I was looking for as a basis for some freeform stitching. If I knew the artist who designed the piece, I'd credit her, but all I can do here is to acknowledge her, which I do very warmly. This piece will be stretched like a painting and hung that way, as a fiber art wall piece.

It's a soft grey with a cool black overprint, probably rayon, hand stitched in five shades of blue, which are not easy to see here, sorry. I've given two overviews,

and two details

The whole piece will hang as a 28 (height) by 22 (width) wallhanging.


Minimiss said...

Cool, seriously cook. Your exhibition is going to be awesome.

Connie said...

I'd love a scrap like this!
Beautifully embroidered. Connie.