Thursday, January 19, 2012

TAST Week Three Feather Stitch

This variation on fly stitch went well with the general feeling of the brown silk panels, so I applied it to the second one now in progress, as you see. Pix are shot from two different angles, to try to bring out the general effect.

Feather is one of those annoying stitches that make you take away the number you first thought of, if you follow me, since it asks you to reverse your thinking alternately with your preferred hand movement. Interesting, once you get the hang of it -- again! it's one of those stitches, also that you can easily forget if you haven't made it lately.

Here I've applied it irregularly, in the sort of windblown effect you get in nature, at least that's the idea. You can see the interesting contrast with the more rigid lines of the buttonhole stitch from a previous TAST week. And lazy daisy gets in there, too, so if that shows up in a future week's challenge, I can point to this and say, aha, you saw it first here!


  1. Looking more and more interesting-er (grin) by the post.

  2. this has a very organic look to it . . . i'm quite curious . . .


  3. It's beatuful. the colors are nice together with those of the fabric. I'm agree with you when you say that this stitch is annoying because it ask to reverse alternatively the movment of the hand. It is this point which has given me the most difficulty. (sorry for my english)

  4. Very beautiful stitches on a fantastic piece of fabric, thanks for sweet comment on my blog, have a nice weekend.


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