Thursday, January 26, 2012

TAST Week Four Cretan Stitch, I think

I included this in one of the current silk pieces in process, but had a difficult time seeing the difference between this and other previous stitches in the series. Perhaps this was my execution,but what I did, though I like the look of it, seems not different enough from say feather stitch, or even running fly, to merit its own title. But this is just me!

I show two views of this piece here

You'll notice I took some liberties with it here and there, too, since I am not a fan of rigidly adhering to stitch patterns. For my taste, I like to see more of a flow to the thread, a bit of a life of its own!


  1. I'm liking the way you embroider. I get so hooked up in trying to make mine look perfect. The free-form work has great character.

  2. Lovely and creative Kathy. And Thank You for visiting my blog

  3. I had difficulties too to see the difference between cretan and feather stitchs, especially since I'm not sure what is the French translation: point crétois, point d'épine, point d'arête... where is the good one ?
    But I love your attempts and your fabric.

  4. I too get caught up in trying to make my stitches perfect - I admire your more freeform approach (even if it wasn't exactly where you intended to go with it).

  5. definitely loving your approach.. I was too caught up in perfection. Next time I'm going to let the stitches fall where they may! :)

  6. You're not alone! I've been feeling like I'm doing the same stitch, just different variations of it, but I guess that's how the stitches came to be in the first place. Very nice work!


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