Thursday, May 23, 2019

Interesting mix of a day

So I was supposed to go to the Mercer County 19  art opening last evening, just too tired after being out all day, to go out, park, walk endlessly, etc, and since I was very unlikely to win an award,  skipped it.

The gallery is in the middle of a large campus, surrounded by green and trees with parking an afterthought way on the horizon.

Decided to stop in the gallery this morning instead, on the way back from another errand.   Then a thunderstorm broke out, in the middle of donating at the first stop, the thriftie, the man refusing to help me as I lugged a trunkload  of heavy stuff  to the donation area, busy on his phone. Usually they're very helpful.

After that,soaked, I decided that all that walking to the gallery in pouring rain without an umbrella was not on. I'd check the gallery another day.

Kept on, came home, time to work, working at the loom at a point where I couldn't stop anyway, phone rings, missed it. Turns out I won a purchase award from the county for my tiny tapestry.

So an annoying day turned very good.

And here's the cause of the excitement


  1. Sorry you got wet - but such great news about the award!!! Very much deserved, if you ask me!

  2. Thank you! Artists don't retire, they just switch to another art form.

  3. And the not-so-good day turned into a success, after all.
    Brava, brava.

  4. Thank you! Thank you! It feels very good, when your work goes out and makes new friends.

  5. Thank you! As usual, I'll believe it when I see it on the wall.

  6. That's great - congrats! What is a "purchase award" exactly? Does it mean they have purchased your piece?

  7. Thank you! It means the County is buying my work at the price I had set on it, so that it will be part of the official public collection, traveling around the county, being seen in official buildings. In the past I had several pieces of work bought like this out of exhibits at the College. Tax money going to a good cause, say I!

    It's also an honor, adds hastily..


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