Friday, May 17, 2019

Experiments under way

I find that there's a limited window for working at the Beka before my back starts to object, so I focus and get a bit done in the time I seem to have.

Quite a few experiments in these few inches, different yarns and clasped wefts and discoveries that fancy knotty yarn is the devil to draw across, but nice when you get it there.

Also finding that this sort of loom doesn't give the drumtight tension you need for tapestry, so there's that.

And an open space section there, done by sliding in a strip of card.

Much learning, and this will be a summer scarf, I think. Several of the ideas here will recur as I go along.  That angled section, short rows if you're knitting, don't know the weaving term, will happen again but in the opposite direction a few inches hence.

I have even rolled a section over the cloth beam now, complete with protective paper. Gosh, such expertise. So many firsts, to be more accurate.

There's something very calming about quietly weaving, once it's under way. Can't be rushed.

Looking back in amazement at the learning curve over the last few weeks, wheee!!


  1. I'm amazed too - at your creativity and perseverance. Every piece of weaving is so different and something to be puzzled over by us mere lookers-on.

  2. Thank you! I have a low threshold for boredom, so there's always a new idea to try. This bit of weaving is a great canvas for it. I dreamed last night of a way to insert a slit next..

  3. Lovely! I'm happy that you're doing this :)

  4. Me too. Are you doing any weaving these days? You've made lovely things, including a scarf I'm always happy to wear.


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