Thursday, November 6, 2014

Pins on Parade

So the pins are done.  The stitched bar pin is not quite ready for primetime, the gorilla having been a bit enthusiastic in the glue department, but it's all good learning.  See how transparent I am in my full disclosure?  Take that, Congress! not to mention State House..

However, all the others are up to par and ready for new homes, and I show them on different fabric backgrounds so you can see how they work -- on dark blue velvet, on cream boiled wool, and on multicolored knitted coat.

If you're interested, the triangular goldwork pin is $15 US plus $5 s. and h. to North America, have to advise on s. and h. further away than that, but I'd be glad to check.  

The round wooden pins actually are nicer in person than seen here, since they're dimensionally painted.  About  1.5 inches in diameter. They're each $12 plus $3 s. and h. same deal as above wrt other countries than North America. And no, sorry, don't do Paypal, my sales being too intermittent to get involved in anything other than a check made out to me!

All these pins, like everything else I do,  are one of a kind.

So there we have this latest adventure.  Oh, the Ganesh pin is still drying, pin newly applied, can't show you that in action just yet.

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