Thursday, November 6, 2014

Follow up on the Upcycling of Goldwork

Here's the project I was eager to get on with while I was doing the hacks and upcycling yesterday.  

It's a shaded piece, which I designed as I went.  Felt stitched down in  a circle, about 1.5 inches in diameter, on fabric.  The idea is that the stitching down will be invisible, so that the gold shading will take over and you'll see an interesting series of contours, with light and shade.  You'll note that the stitching stops short of the outer edge. That's to allow for a circle of gold thread to finish the edge.  Then the completed stitching will be mounted on a wood disk so as to attach a pinback. At least that's the plan right now...

Later I'm off to the studio to take pix of the pins started yesterday, and you'll see how they came out.

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