Monday, January 30, 2012

Unofficial Embroidery goes on...

The gauze piece is coming along. I've used up all my silver metal thread now, and I'm going to see how color works into this as I go, before rushing out to get more silver thread. I'm getting the rhythm of embroidery now, so that the curves are more the way I hope for them to be, always a plus. It's so different from other forms of artwork, faster in some ways, much slower and more deliberate in others, and always governed by how long my hands will hold out.

Here are a couple of detail views of part of the work to date. It will eventually bet stretched like a painting and hung that way so the creases you see will be gone. I'm working it on a frame, but the fabric tends to take on the impression of the frame, so I have to take it off as soon as I stop working.

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