Saturday, January 28, 2012

Undisputed Embroidery

Meaning this is just one of the big pieces I'm working on freestyle, no predecided design in mind, let the thread lead the way, no challenge stitches involved. Yet. After Tuesday maybe there'll be a new intro. Meanwhile, this is a piece of polyester gauze, metallic thread, under way.

This piece is about three feet each way, but will be on stretchers smaller than that once I see where it's going. It will be a hanging wallpiece, stretched like a painting.

Here's a detail on the frame:

And off showing more of the design:

The process for this one is to let the random dyeing suggest the shapes and meaning of the stitches, so a sunflower starts to appear here and a tulip there, and ferns over there and so on. The landscape will reveal itself as I go.

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