Saturday, January 14, 2012

TAST Week Two Buttonhole Stitch

This is part of the continuing embroidery stitch challenge posed by Pin Tangle, this week being buttonhole stitch, or blanket stitch. In fact I disagree with her definition, which equates buttonhole exactly with blanket, gosh you'd never think embroidery of all things would be controversial, but blanket stitch travels one way, no twist at the top, to avoid uncomfortable edging on a blanket, while buttonhole travels the other way, with a twist at the top for reinforcement at the edge of the buttonhole. There are a number of variations on this, and probably a number of opinions, too, but this is what I learned in convent high school from our master embroiderer, teacher and amazing needlewoman Miss Harris, who probably had a first name, too,but we were never in those days, admitted into such intimate knowledge!

The original challenge is to learn, or enlarge on, a stitch each week for its own sake. But I was already under way with several large embroideries, so I've decide to incorporate Pin Tangle's challenge into my own, and use her stitch suggestions as part of the design I'm already embroiled in!

I show you part of the work off the hoop, for a bigger view

and on the hoop

showing it more taut and visible. Much more will be done to this area before I call it finished. But, as a believer in collaborative art, I'm grateful to Pin Tangle for the TAST challenge!


jen said...

Your fabric is amazing.. is it hand painted? I love how you're embellishing it! ♥

dogonart said...

I knew there was a difference between "buttonhole" and "blanket" but this is the first time I've seen an explanation. The piece you are working on is inspirational.

Minimiss said...

I always wondered about button-hole/blanket stitch. You can count on the convents to have teachers who knew their stuff (or thought they did) and who was going to argue?

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I certainly didn't know the difference between the two stitches - I always thought they were the same, only the buttonhole version was worked tightly together. Interesting!

Isabelle said...

I like the carnations of the fabric and thread. It's gorgeous !

bluemuf said...

I just love your work, this is amazing and to me it speaks leaves and nature.