Sunday, November 5, 2017

Ceramic exhibit, J. Marion Simmons, Plainsboro Library Gallery

Reception today for ceramic artist J. Marion Simmons, a great technician in the art of ceramics, and in explaining it to the group. She's a member of the Plainsboro Artist Group, but this was a chance to see her work in much more depth than at the meetings. 

The artworks ranged from low to high relief monochrome wall pieces, freestanding large egg shapes with intriguing glazes, and  brightly colored glazed works.  Some are portraits from life, some refer to early art.  A real tour de force of what the ceramic artist can do.

Here's the artist talking about her art and approaches

And artist Art Lee caught in the act of photographing her in front of the outer wall of the gallery

Here she's discussing this beautiful egg-shaped piece and explaining the processes on the way to this result

And here are some of her other works

This is only a sampling, my own faves, but there are many more in
this satisfying exhibit. It will be up till late November, so if you're local, do go.

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