Monday, June 11, 2012

EDM, artist's book today

I used a paper I'd done block printing on, my own carved printblocks, and made it into the cover of a new artist book, which will be a gift. I did the figure eight stitching on the inner pages,to create the signature, but attached it to the cover with the ribbon you see, so that the recipient can easily replace the inner pages when she uses them up. Book size is about 10 x 8 closed.

You'll notice that the back cover is heavily decorated, but I left the front largely open, so that the recipient can put whatever she wants on there! she's a great crafter, so she'll have all kinds of great ideas. The entire inside is blank, for her ideas, plans, designs, thoughts, whatever she likes.

I love my corner punch which I use to round off all the pages and the cover. Round corners look better for much longer than angled ones, and it's fun to do the punching. In fact I go around looking for things to punch. My cats vanish when they see me coming with this thing in my hand...they don't want rounded ears.

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