Sunday, May 27, 2018

Stamping with bleach

Little experiment, a couple of my carved stamps, bleach instead of color, on colored paper. A few greeting cards emerged.

The link ones are Little Town, the green ones Waterside, the dark green is just hello from the studio. This was created for one recipient.


  1. I like these a lot! And printing with bleach - that's an interesting twist! Do you have to rinse the paper or otherwise neutralize the bleach so it will stop affecting the paper? I'm reminded of timing and stopping processes in the stages of developing photographs during my years in the darkroom. So interesting :)

  2. With paper you're kind of stuck with the process, can't really arrest it. So I used minimal bleach on the stamps and pens, to allow for that. Amd it's interesting to see which papers actually can be bleached. I did others where the bleach had zero effect, always good to learn.Thanks for the interest. Yes, it's great to watch the design start to appear. I ve drawn on tshirts similarly.but with fabric you can rinse and see if that slows down the bleaching action. Or just dilutes it over the whole shirt..

  3. I've also used the bleach/stamp process on t-shirts, black or any dark color that works well, and if you rinse the shirt in cold water and vinegar right away it doesn't seem to bleed the way I thought it might.


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