Friday, May 18, 2018

Polar opposites

So the bear continues.

Only remains to stitch and stuff and embroider features including fearsome claws.

Here are the parts, front, back, underside, ears. The great number of ends, some to be woven in, some saved for stitching, reflect the different stages of shaping, keeping live stitches on a spare needle, rejoining and so on. It's really an act of faith, knitting this sort of item, because it's not always clear why some steps are needed. I've learned not to argue, just plunge in.

When I was small,  a famous polar bear was born at the London zoo, named Brumas. Many mementoes, including my little Brumas soap which I remember using till he was the size of a raisin. Anyway, this bear needs a name, suggestions after he's complete, please.

After this species-specific bear from the Knit Your Own Zoo book by Sally Muir and Joanna Osborne. I think I'll knit small toy bears, with clothes. Small amounts of yarn, using up bits of stash. They may become presents for future PINOAP, people in need of a present.

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  1. Methinks pretty much any PINOAP would be happy to have one of these! I suppose, for a name, the obvious could be Brumas...better than the other obvious Brutus. But....for reasons totally unknown and very mysterious....the name 'Lyle' popped into my head and refuses to leave. about Lyle Brumas the II. LB2 for short.


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