Saturday, May 19, 2018

Polar express arrives chez Dollivers

Today, while the rest of the world watched meghan and Harry wed, he crying throughout, hope that a good sign, I finished the polar bear and introduced him to the Dollivers.

 Right side mugshot

 Left side mugshot

 Spreading alarm and despondency among the Dollivers and dogs.  The noise is amazing.

She or he needs a name. Please bring your good ideas.



  1. I think we all were awash. I still am. And I have never seen a more elegant, simple wedding dress that so suited the wearer. Not a ruffle, not a tuck, not a pouf anywhere.

    I could only watch it in bits, but what I saw was charming. First time I've really liked Prince Charles.

    The bear, by the way, is quite elegant. You could call him Harrybear, or maybe just Bear. My own Mr. Bear was very impressed with him, btw. He has excellent taste in such things, btw.

  2. There's something floating through my brain about polar bears and mints so perhaps "Minto" or "Minty". Not too pedestrian, I hope.

  3. Very impressive! My name suggestion in previous post and I'm sticking with


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