Wednesday, November 1, 2017

We're Open! Exhibit all up and waiting for visitors and feedback!

This morning, I organized the artist book display in the glass case in the lobby of West Windsor Library, NJ, do visit if you're local. Anyone who wants to meet me there and get a personal artchat let me know.  I offered to do one for the library staff, and we'll see if they take me up.  It will be there for the month of November 2017.

Anyway, with the help of library employee Mrinanini, who opened the case, cautioned me about the sheer weight of the glass top, and closed it safely again once set up, here's the process.

At home, the crate of goods.  

Smallest amount of material I ever had to take out to show.  And even then one large book didn't make it into the show.

Here's the case, which I windexed, though it was clean, and lined with a piece of figured fabric to soften the base a bit.  Fabric a gift of a stitcher, by the way.  Thank you Ginny. Then I fiddled about for ages deciding on placement, how to make it visible, interesting, coherent.  And finally decided it was Done.  Otherwise I'd be there still, not quite content.  Usual situation.

So here are views of the open case 

And the closed case, ready for its closeup.
 Do come!  Most of the display is for sale, including all the handmade paper books.  The portfolios are there for ideas, rather than sale, since they contain years of my paintings and drawings.  Likewise the accordion books.

As always a lot of people were involved in this project.  Mrinanini at the sharp end, helping me safely navigate the case, and securing it again, Girija who gave me her red onionskins, Gary donated flowers, Helen more flowers, Ginny gave me the fabric I used as a base, Liane who long ago gave me the book of mulberry paper from which I created a lot of the drawings in here. And endlessly encouraging Jody, who creates poems for me as part of her support.  Art is a cooperative work in progress!

Now to kick back a bit!  but I have a lot of other ideas, not book related,  that now have room to this space.

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