Saturday, November 11, 2017

oil sticks and leather bits

So the Shiva oil sticks arrived, and I had a shot at playing with them, using the leather/ette scraps from Judy, which I'd squared up a bit, thinking future little key tags or scissor tags, or phone purses, or book covers or something.

The oil sticks are a cool invention, self sealing, so  they develop a waxy skin between uses, and never dry out.  The hitch is that the skin when you first get them is pretty resistant to being rubbed or scraped off, but I did manage it.  Not as neatly as the man did on YouTube, but okay. 

I got metallics, gold, copper, blue and green with a purple that might or might not  be saturated enough. And I tried a playtime with bits of leather, just experimenting.  

The black, on the suede side, is by far the best background, no surprise there.  And I wonder if acrylic is at least as good as oilstick on this surface. Might be.  Tried a bit on watercolor paper, but not worth continuing.  Wood might be good, though.  What shows here as a kind of red is copper in rl. And the iridescence doesn't come though on pix.

I also found I'm a little bit allergic to the outgassing.  Sniffing and coughing and generally a bit sensitive, so that's an issue you might want to be aware of.  On the other hand, I am sensitive to simple white glue, too, so there's that.

Nice bit of fun here. When the paint is totally dry, I'll see what I might make with the decorated bits. This is more a decorative than a fine art kind of adventure, like decorating fabric.

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  1. That eye drawing on black is Gorgeous! Oh man so nice. I really enjoy your creative process. :)


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