Sunday, July 6, 2014

What the well-dressed phone is wearing

Well, that was fun. Here are the two phone cosies complete with beading, I created over the last couple of days.  The idea of the phone cosy (my phone has a lot of purses for the same reason) is to make something useful while experimenting with a new learning. If I were knitting a swatch for a bigger project, I'd probably create one that would work as a  phone cosy!

Here it was beading using a crochet hook from a great thriftie find, and yarns from Asha F.  The left one is beaded in a regular pattern, the right one beaded more freestyle.  I left a long tail when I cast off, which I used to stitch the cosies.  And I moved the seam back a little when I stitched up the bottom, so that it wasn't sticking out at one side, giving a better shape. Click to see better.

The blue beads on the white were from Judy T., the agate beads on the dark with copper were from a great freecycle.  I promised the giver I'd make good use of them. Simple garter stitch throughout, no need to get fancy when the yarn is fancy without any help. I do like a bit of glitter, and glitter with beads even more, and useful items yet more.

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  1. we are all eleven years old under that serious grownup skin, aren't we. I like glitter too, but I resist. Most of the time.

    These are just charming, and I always did like those beads. I used to be a basket maker, and used a huge number of them, in borders and covers. They set of the natural colors so well, and its wonderful to see the things used again.

    Its also nice to see someone keeping their cell phone warm and safe. Cell phones need love too.


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