Friday, July 4, 2014

What I Make Between Projects Part the Second

So all the Dollivers got theirs, hats, that is, and now here's the Fourth, rainy cool day, good for being indoors. So I thought I needed a little project, and my phone needed a new little purse for carrying about (so as not to forget it) purposes, and here it is in progress.

Stick weaving on straws, using white yarn from dear Karen's stash, and turquoise homespun from the Ash Stash!  thank you both. The ends you see sticking out will be woven in when I'm doing the finishing up.  I doubled the warp yarn in each straw and when it comes off the straws we'll see if that was a good idea.

Happy Fourth to feller Murcans, and Happy Friday to everyone else.  Too bad our fourth, falling on a Friday, whee, long weekend, also fell on the first hurricane of the season. I'm surrounded by flood warnings and flickering power and rainy coolness. Very glad I'm not in charge of a big firework display today, and whether or not to go for it, and if not, when, etc.

I have removed the semi working widget which claimed you could get blogposts automatically by signing up.  This was a big fib on Blogger's part, since it works only now and then. So I've removed it and created a mailing list of my own, and if you would like to be on it, just lemme know and I'll add you.  It's an opt-in, a pleasant change from the opt-out world today.  If the widget was already working for you, it should continue to do so.

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