Friday, July 18, 2014

Post of Paper Drying on the Windows

Here comes the post (that is stack) of paper, currently drying on the outside of my patio window.  This gives it a glassy side, the side on the glass, and a matte side, the one open to the air, once it's dry.  And it won't fall off.  I will peel it off after it's totally dry.  The white items on the chaise are the felts on which I made the paper, drying in the sun, too. You can see the reflection of some of them in the glass, too, interesting touch.

This paper is a mix of abaca and cotton linters (that is second cut after harvesting the cotton, very pure, very bright white), which I repulped from paper I made previously and which didn't get used in earlier projects.

This is the paper I plan to use to mold the animal shapes over.After it's completely dry and taken off the window, I can do the molding by resting the dry paper over the tile, then spraying it with plain water until it takes on the shape. Then I wait again till it dries enough to be removed without collapsing.

 By the way, I didn't credit the potter of those tiles earlier because I had not been in touch with him, didn't know if he wanted to be in this context.  So yesterday I emailed explaining what I'd like to do and asking if he minded my using his tiles as molds.  

He got back right away very generously, no, use them, that's fine, people have all kinds of uses for them, I make a lot of them. No prob, glad you like them!  so, if you want to know more about his work, check on Hjalmarson Pottery in Phoenix AZ.  Go here.  He's very good, and generous, too, true artist.

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  1. I have always been fascinated by pottery (and wood pieces too)....his work is wonderful! Thanks for the link. Now....which of the D's is on window cleaning detail?


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