Friday, July 18, 2014

Off the glass and on its way to the studio

Here's today's paper output, fragile, lacelike, lovely!  it took some doing to get it off the glass because it's so fine,but it came off and I have a nice supply to do molding with and see how it works.  You can see how transparent it is.  And the lovely natural ragged edges.

Perfect day for this today, mid 70s, low humidity, just what the papermaker likes.  Next I press the paper with weights, to make it flat enough to work with me. Then I'll be able to do the molding adventures.  I'm in search of small honeycomb structures to mold over.  Chicken wire.  Tiles.  Who knows.


  1. Lovely paper pieces - they'd be interesting to stitch on I think.

  2. At first glance I thought the pile of papers were a rose, they look great with the curls on them


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