Thursday, July 31, 2014

Late breaking news re mysterious Japanese textile piece

So, in the course of a few hours, one friend checking in from Vancouver, commented that the "stole" for want of a better term, looked just like the divider hung in the kitchen door of her favorite Japanese restaurant. 

Then another stitcher friend, handling the item itself last night said, hm, might hang in a doorway (whereupon I finally realized there was a rod pocket across the top, doh). 

Then a Rav friend who had consulted about this with another friend, said, it's a noren, a hanging that goes into your door frame, and she's got one in her kitchen.

Well, so will I as soon as the right tension rod arrives!  thank you all, eepy, Margaret, Kris and Paige, for wonderful input.  And now I'm not in want of a better term, Paige and Kris supplied me with it. 

When the rod arrives, I'll picture it in situ. Nice outcome.


  1. Am I right in thinking it is your tapestry hanging that is being discussed?

  2. No, this is the Japanese piece I blogged about in When Freecycling for Friends, if you scroll down a couple of posts you'll see a picture of it.

  3. Of course its a Noren. I don't know why I didn't think of that since I have a noren that I made hanging in my sitting area on the outside deck. I was really interested in these when I was in Japan and promptly made a 3 part Noren when I got back.
    Glad you have blogistas who are more on the ball than me Liz.

  4. Well we learn something new every day! I would never have guessed at the proper use.


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