Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ears of Wheat in progress

I'm in the process of working the ear of wheat design I adapted from a pattern I saw recently.  I cut felt shapes to match the parts of the wheatear, stitched them down, then using rayon shiny thread, split stitched around, and satin stitched up and down, the segments.

You'll see how the light affects this thread. It's lovely to see how it's bright one side, darker the other, depending on the angle at which you see it. It's the same thread, transformed by the light. This is why I persevere with this thread.

The rayon thread is nice to see, rotten to use -- it frays and splits and you need to hold it firmly at the back all the time so as to set the stitches.  I'll be doing some goldwork in this piece and probably some beading, too.  We'll see how it goes as it goes.


About the molded paper and stitching piece: that awaits the arrival of a stencil I ordered which has hex (honeycomb) shapes I can use to mold paper, so as to have a suggestion of a honeycomb around the bees I plan to include in goldwork.  Yet to be figured out.


  1. this is lovely. and yes, Ive worked with rayon thread before, which is why I don't work with it now. I admire your patience. I can hardly wait for the finished piece!

  2. Rayon thread is beastly there's no doubt. If you can find a product called 'Thread Heaven' (comes in a little blue box about 1" square) and run the thread through that, it helps tremendously. That, and working with short lengths.

  3. Your patience has paid off. Lovely.

  4. your wheat eye is very effective, rayon is not the easiest of threads is it, very slippery to use, must admit I tend to avoid it like the plague


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