Friday, April 4, 2014

Four Sisters Tapestry as of today

Since the tapestry was mentioned in the show catalog (to see the post giving you a virtual tour of the exhibit, go here)

I thought you'd like to see the current state of the tapestry. I worked on it in the gallery today, so that I was surrounded by my own work, and people took pix, stopped by, and one of my best friends in art and in life, actually, Stefi M., spent the afternoon visiting and giving me lunch and enjoying the progress of the weaving and asking seventy gazillion questions, great fun! 

 I also gave a guided tour to a visiting library director who happened to be there, and finding she's a stitcher, too, made a pitch to get her to join the embroiderers' guild (never miss a chance!).

Anyway, this is where the tapestry is now.  My bag of materials is getting lighter and lighter on the return trip home,as I transfer the yarns to the loom. 

And here are the shots of the whole show, part of which you see in the background here, and which covers three walls.



  1. this is growing at quite a pace, enjoying following you on this project

  2. I am so much enjoying watching the progress on the tapestry. It's not something I have ever attempted so it's quite fascinating. Wonder how many people that have stopped to watch you will be bitten by the bug to learn the art.

  3. Very impressive display. An added interest has been sharing in your journey so far. A lot of work but wonderful results.


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