Friday, April 4, 2014

MEDIA RELATIONS an exhibit by Liz Adams at the Gallery at Plainsboro Public Library

           The Gallery at Plainsboro Public Library Presents

                              Liz Adams

                   Media relations

An exhibit of paired and compared art media April 2-30, 2014

 “In this exhibit, I have been examining the different ways in which a concept can be rendered in different media, where the medium has a major role in determining the outcome of the work.” Liz Adams


 14 Abstract Figure Stitched Goldwork and beading on sage green linen $300
Abstract Figure Drawing Ink and wash drawing $150

 3 Cable Boxes Woven Woven embroidery floss and beadweaving, freeform $500
Cable Boxes Filmed Image transfer from artist’s film photographs, manipulated and collaged $250

 13 Cello Player Stitched Goldwork and beading on linen $300
Cello Player Drawing Ink and wash $150

 7 Wild Cherry Tree Drawn Modified contour drawing ink on mulberry paper $150
Wild Cherry Stitched Artist dyed silk with goldwork and beading $300
Wild Cherry Tree Painted Watercolor and chalk $250

 8 Cityscape Seaside Artist-carved stamps on mulberry paper $150
Cityscape Virtual iPod generated painting with reverse painting on glass $150
Cityscape Stitched Goldwork stitching on canvas, overlaid on lame $100


 11 Flyover Monotype Black print monotype on tan paper $175
Flyover Stitched Silverwork and embroidery floss on linen $300

 4 Sunflower Stitched Goldwork and stitching on artist-dyed silk $300
Sunflower Found Objects Sawblade and natural stems on gessoed cigar box 175

 5 Four Sisters Drawn Charcoal drawing on tan paper $200
Four Sisters Snapped Film photograph $150
Four Sisters in Paint Ink and wash $150
Four Sisters Tapestry Not part of the permanent exhibit. Work in progress on the Earthloom
with artist spun and dyed wool, woven beading, other fibers.

12 Grass Fire Painted Pastel painting $250
Grass Fire Woven Artist-spun and dyed fibers woven $150



 6 Marsh Flowers Monotype Watercolor monotype on Arches paper $250
Marsh Flowers Stitched Artist-dyed fabric with beadwork and stitching $350

 10 Smoke Rising Stitched Goldwork on linen $300
Smoke Rising Drawing Ink and wash drawing $150

 1   Tidepool Filmed Film photo image transferred to Arches paper $150

Tidepool Mixed Painting on Tyvek, beading and stitching $250

9 Weed Stitched Black stitching on white cotton lawn $150
Weed Drawn Semicontour ink drawing on mulberry paper $150

If you wish to purchase artwork, please contact the artist directly.
Liz Adams,

About the Artist:

An accomplished artist who has moved among many media, Liz Adams has lived in Plainsboro for over 30 years, and has devoted time and talents to the community through numerous workshops
and arts groups. 

Named “2013 Artist of the Year”, she was an initial founder of the Gallery at Plainsboro Library, and was key in establishing the library’s fall arts festival and summer arts and science programs.

Ms. Adams has created two award-winning blogs which combine writing, art, and photography:, and 

She has taught art to adults and children through organizations such as Princeton Adult School, Homefront, and Princeton YWCA as well as the Princeton Chapter, Embroiderers' Guild of America, of which she is currently co-president.

Note from Liz: The catalog above was edited and the bio added by Donna Senopoulos, gallery manager, and artist herself.


  1. There is an English term that I've heard Irene use - 'gobsmacked'. Yes, it fits the way I feel after seeing all your work here. You've created a very impressive body of work - and how I wish I could see it all 'fer real'!! Good luck with the show.

  2. Wow!!!

    What a perfectly lovely and varied exhibit. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  3. I am amazed at the variety of work you have done here best of luck with the sales

  4. I love the concept, and the execution is superb! I can only imagine how it must look in person.

  5. Exciting, beautiful work, Liz. What a fine exhibit!

  6. Awesome, awesome, beautiful work Liz. It looks fantastic displayed together.

  7. Your art is playful and gentle yet not superficial.


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