Sunday, March 23, 2014

We Came, We Stitched, We Had a Great Time

The Embroiderers' Guild of America, Princeton Chapter of which I'm president along with another poor soul, we somehow found ourselves elected way back,  had our annual Stitch in Public Day today at a local library.

The actual national event takes place in February, but we decided that owing to the kind of winter we were having, with cancellations right, left and center, roads closed, states of emergency every five minutes, we'd do better to wait a bit and have our own day on a different schedule.  So it was today, great weather for getting out, not too sunny, not too cold,just about right for coming out and heading to the libe.

To see more about that, feel free to go here 

Meanwhile, in the course of the event, where we all showed up with current work, completed work to display and a lot to do in general, I took along one of my cardboard looms and did a bit of bead weaving for the earthloom tapestry at our own local libe.

I was using my own handmade paper beads, which I've had lying around for years, having sold a lot of necklaces at various fairs and festivals, and just kept a bag of them for old times' sake.  This turned out to be interesting to the Guild members and several of them thought we should have a program where I get to teach them how to make paper beads.  Which shows there are still people in the world who don't know how yet. So I will probably get on the EGA schedule next year to do this.  

Funny that after I get into tiny size 11 and smaller seed beads, I find myself working with these giant fellers.  But they're nice and lightweight, good for the tapestry, and in fact good for jewelry since you can wear several of them at once without feeling weight on your neck. 

So the afternoon was successful in several ways.  Great fun all around.  And it feels like what goes around comes around in the world of beads.


  1. I'm having trouble keeping up with you at the moment. Loving seeing and reading your blogs as usual, just having to do it in lumps rather than daily. Keep it coming, it's all awesome.

  2. sounds like out had a good day out with the group. We made paper beads when I was doing a course, came across them recently when doing some sorting out

  3. Would never have thought to include paper beads in weaving, but I can certainly see how it would work. As for teaching how to make them...everything of this nature seems to cycle and come back into interest again.


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