Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Stop me before I bead again

After working at framing, which entailed finding frames and mats, which ended up entailing organizing and tossing and generally rendering useful a whole area of the studio, and finally managing to get a couple of pieces framed for April, I decided I needed a rest.

So I got on with the Gilded Star, not much of a rest, since it entails counting on the diagonal, not my best moments.  So I then warped up the little loom and started a bracelet cuff, using my favorite two shades of blue beads.  The pleasure of picking up the beads, the colors and changes in the light, is a big part of why I do this.

So this is where I am.  This is warped on beading hemp, fine strong cord, rather than elastic, since it doesn't want to be snug, but a bit more casual.  Because the beads are glass, and don't show up against the dark grey cardboard loom, I slid a kleenex behind them, for the pic, but I don't work with it in place. Click on it to see better.

 Haven't decided on the fastening yet, but I will be dyeing this piece after the beading's done, to a shade of blue, the warp, that is, since the beads and the gold attaching thread will be unchanged.  We'll see how this works. I like it a lot so far. Let me know if you think it has your name on it.  It's going to be about 8 inches of weaving plus the fastening, in length.

Today: finish this, more framing and finding and tidying, maybe even some creative stitching, we'll see.  The cold is very hard on my hands, much pain, but I think that will go away once the weather goes away.   I hear that if there's a strike at the Weather Channel, we won't have any weather until it's settled.


  1. I often wonder why what should be a relatively simple project ends up being like the galloping ick and leading to all sorts of other things. With you on the sore hands too - not fun.

  2. love the beading, i admire your perserverance, and yes I know about hands like that. I have the same thing every winter...
    and your last line has me chuckling, what an interesting concept, no weather beyond this point until the strike is over, nossir...


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