Monday, March 17, 2014

Embroidery on paper

In among all the exhibit and AIR excitement the embroiderers' guild goes on merrily, and here's the February project, which our doughty program chair Ginny kitted and distributed.  

We all changed the design as we went, I substituting my own small gold beads for the official glass ones, and doing a little bead design on the reverse instead of the suggested initials.  

Here's the front

and the back

Interesting project.  This consists of two pieces of the perf. paper, which you work then stitch back to back before cutting out the shape.  It has a hanger for holiday purposes.

The glass beads were not wasted, though -- they've ended up on the big tapestry, much to the amusement of a guild member who came by to watch me in progress on Friday.

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  1. Good thing you told us this was perforated paper because I actually thought it was plastic canvas (which, although I suppose is quite useful, is a product I simply can't stand). I like the gold stitching on this and agree that the gold beads are perfect for it.


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