Friday, March 21, 2014

Artist in Residence, the Loom continues

This afternoon saw some progress on the tapestry. Here's the scene as I set up to work today. Note the four faces in readiness for their closeup, and the all important cup of tea.  I think there should be a tea called Weaver's Mainstay.

Before anyone arrived, I quickly did a quick attachment of the first face, woven temporarily in place so I can see where it will be. 

 Some interesting visitors, notably Patty and Sylvia, who stayed a while and asked the most interesting questions.  We had a great discussion --they're accomplished knitters, crocheters, and I'll bet other arts too-- and their comments were very helpful. 

The work is starting to shape up now, and I can begin to see where it's going, always a cheering moment. 

This is where I got to before my session ended today


Nice afternoon, and the local paper has done a  great writeup of this current tapestry work and the upcoming exhibit. 

Now I'm getting ready for something completely different: Stitch in Public Day on Sunday at Monroe Library. With my Guild friends. Watch this space for more on that!


  1. My goodness - you're a busy woman! You obviously got quite a bit done on the tapestry, despite having pauses to chat.

  2. It is good to have someone to question your work in a helpful way. It sometimes opens your mind to new possibilities.

    Watching your work coming along is very inspiring.

  3. so good that you are doing this in a public place for others to see and hopefully encourage them to try their hand with being creative


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