Wednesday, March 26, 2014

AIR tapestry progress

I went in today and spent three hours weaving steadily, oh, that tires your back, even if you do remember to stretch and flex and all that, where was I, oh yes.  

This was a no-public-allowed session unless anyone really insisted, because though it's great to meet and chat, it really isn't possible to design and talk at the same time, so I needed some catch up time to get under way with some new ideas.

I made three pix to show you the advance of the ideas and design today.  I love to do those parts where I'm weaving two colors together, where one is already in place and you insert the second thread through the last warped bit, very happy work, that is.  Well, it all is,really, but I wish I had a spare back I could swap out after a while.  Then I could work longer.  

You see here the purply spun yarn I showed you after I dyed it.  All spun up now, and will be part of a robe I think.  Ash, that's the section that your yarn will probably be woven into, if you have something that will work there.  Don't sweat it, though, since there are other colors you could decide to blend with. 

The black section, which is actually a grey and black mix, lovely wool from a harvested sweater,  with the white segment above it, near the bottom of the tapestry, is probably going to suggest a flowing robe of the figure whose top part you see up there on her own.  Once I get further into the design, I'll feel better about it all. Right now it's a bit unnerving, deciding what to do next!

The white is lovely to work with,soft, and thick so it fills in nicely.  It helps the other colors to soften and blend, too, nice.  And I will probably thread some gold here and there in the robes, too. I'm already considering how to make the range of colors work well, and I think a repeating idea such as trailing gold thread, might do that job pretty well.  How unusual for me to be wondering if a bit of gold would work here.

Friday I'll be open for the public, but now I have a better idea of what I'll be doing then.  I also have a little beaded woven section to add in somewhere, probably as I do the robe parts, we'll see.


  1. this is coming along so well, I know what you mean about the back, sitting at my computer kills mine, so hard to straighten up afterwards but a hot bath helps

  2. Hot bath tip: add Epsom salts.

  3. Being a complete illiterate when it comes to weaving I find it fascinating that you can do 'blocks' of it. I would have thought that it had to be done in complete rows. Interesting to know!!


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