Sunday, March 16, 2014

AIR continues, with the last face.

Working at home on my small looms, and with access to my embroidery gear, is good for new ideas, and I think I've reached the last of the four faces in the Four Sisters tapestry.  Except that I think I will rethink the first face, now that I've done the others -- I'm in a different place now on these, so it's good I made them in modular fashion, easier to swop out.  

These will be woven into the big piece -- those little strings are the long warp ends I've left so as to help me situate them for weaving in.  You can see the draft design on the loom behind the smaller one in progress, and laid beside the bigger one.  I traced these off the big cartoon behind the tapestry on the earthloom, to bring home and work on.

We had a power outage today, very rare for us, and I was so smug that it made no difference to my plans, since it was daylight, to work on a primitive handmade loom by the window!  and to make soup on top of the stove, since I have a gas stove, and it was the electricity that was cut.  

Calls from neighbors, son, to say, well, this has put a crimp in my plans which all involved power use!  my next door neighbor said jokingly I'm so desperate I think I'll read the paper!!   Son decided on a walk until the power returns.

Turns out it was an emergency in the next town over, live wires sparking on the roadway, so the power co., just shut down the grid to the immediate region, until they got things fixed.  This is fine, not a lack of expertise on their part and not a systemic breakdown, unlike other power companies in this region who shall remain nameless so as to protect the guilty.  

Early weavers never had this to contend with, as long as it was daylight and the sheep kept on growing fleece and they could fashion looms from saplings.

I wonder if they dreamed of their current work, too, as I seem to be doing.  Very peaceful weaving dreams.  I don't need a dreamcatcher as long as my mind works as one!

All of this work has to be set aside tomorrow, in favor of getting all the catalog info together for the upcoming exhibit in April.  Pieces all over the house, panic over where they all are, which go with which, how to describe, price, etc., you name it.  Organizing it enough to make sense to gallery manager Donna, she has enough headaches without adding to them, all this will keep me busy. I never know, until I deliver the pieces whether I even have an exhibit.  But at least this one is coherent in theme, a big advantage.

More about that in here when it's organized.  And I will put on a virtual gallery show for you as soon as I can do it.  All exhibited art, unless otherwise noted, (i.e. NFS meaning not for sale) is for sale, as always.


  1. weaving is coming along a treat. We are so dependent on electric these days, it amazes me the stitchery that was done by candlelight, I know my eyes are not up to it. All the best for the exhibition and look forward to seeing some photos when you are set up

  2. Living where we are now could create a bit of a panic if the power were to go off for any extended time. We have no means of heat or ability to cook without power. Oh well, the can opener works and cold beans are okay. Wish I could come to your exhibition!!


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