Friday, March 28, 2014

AIR afternoon at the loom and a massage thrown in

This afternoon was a great experience with the different and interesting people who came in, one of whom now plans to teach her Guides and her daughters weaving, and will bring them in to visit the earthloom at work, others who were just very excited about the work and wanting to discuss weaving, art, therapy, all kinds of subjects.  with and without the weaving!

Artistically, I was really pleased with the purplish section I completed, and managed to create the illusion of swirling fabric.  This is really nice and that technique is going to serve me well on this piece.  That is a solid piece, but the direction of the weft threads gives the impression of a space in there with fabric behind it. Good old Cloisters, I knew I'd be able to apply something I'd learned there sooner or later.

 I spun up most of the newly dyed roving, and have a little ball of yarn to show for it, which will take its place in the tapestry when I get to a good place for it.

 Today's total output here

And one visitor  instantly decided to give me a shoulder massage! she explained she did this for her grandmother who brought her up, and I certainly appreciated it, once I got over the surprise.  She's on the right of the women posed at the loom, after taking many pix of me with and without the weaving!

Some library staff stopped in to get a tranquillity break, and all in all I was happy with the traffic.

Tomorrow I'm planning on working on the earthloom again, since I'm on a roll now with the design and can't wait to get on with it.

I also have to attach labels to all the artworks for the exhibit over the weekend, and wrap them ready to transport for hanging early next week.  Busy weekend.

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  1. Wouldn't it be nice if the massage lady came by every day? I'm sure you would be grateful. How I wish I could come to your show, but I know you'll take pictures (you will, won't you?)


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