Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Temperature's Rising great weather for stitching indoors

Much as I don't like being indoors with all the doors and windows closed for the ac, it's been okay the last few days of intense heat, today heat advisories, index over 100 C., etc., since I've been watching movies (Poirot last evening) and stitching industriously.

I think this piece is finished.  At least it looks that way to me at the moment.  I had a couple of oval pearls in there before, which I removed and replaced with a trail of sequins with beads in the middle, I think a better choice. And there's a lot of metallic thread couching echoing the painted metallic lines and shapes.

Anyway, here are all four orientations for your viewing pleasure: 

This piece will frame up to about 8 x 8 inches.  I know, it looks a lot bigger in the pix, but my work often appears to be a lot bigger than it is in rl.  I like this, since it avoids "cute" just because it's small.  Doesn't mean trivial!

Now I'm off to read Fay Weldon while the next art adventure percolates.


  1. I prefer the motif vertical, simply because when its horizontal, it looks like a mask. Though depending on the title of the piece, that could be a positive, as #4 has a sort of squiggly question mark above it. Turn it the upside down and its a face. Its indecisive, but the title could be everything.

  2. #4 looks like a mask with a squiggly question mark above it, #3 could be a face, I originally preferred #2, but I've changed my mind. Its going to depend on what you call it but the last two definitely have an air of mystery, whichever way up they are. Perhaps influenced by your holiday reading, ;-) ? I love the colours!

  3. Looks great from here! I imagine it must feel very tactile and full of dimension.

  4. vertical for me, I know I suggested you turn it on the previous blog, now I have seen it both ways I like it best the origional way


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