Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Phoenix rises

This little needlepoint, about 4 x 4.5 inches, one view slightly bigger than the other, is from a chart in Monica Ferris' detective mystery Thai Die!  it's of the Han Phoenix, a work on silk, one of the oldest of preserved Chinese embroideries, now in some museum in China, and for me it's an interval between goldwork and beading.  I'm working it on 24 count canvas, three strands of floss. The background is three different greens in each set of three strands, to give a mossy sort of effect as a contrast with the plain unmixed colors of the bird. I did change the plumage on the body, though, because I liked this more variegated look.


The next beading AND goldwork at the same time piece, is a nice shell on rich brown fabric, part of the stash my friend unloaded on me, but I'm not doing what the kit says, which is wool crewel, but instead I'm going to figure out how to use goldwork and the seed beads in many shades of brown and gold I scored at the thrift store in the form of a necklace.

And last night, at a farewell-for-the-moment,we'll-see-you-again for an embroidery friend, she gave stash items of her own to any takers, and I was prevailed on to accept a giant, very heavy, beaded and embroidered Indian wallhanging.  I need to put a fabric slot thing, correct name escapes me, on the back, to slide a dowel through, in order to hang it, at which I point I'll make a pic of it.  It's amazing, and will dominate any space I put it in. Next trick is to find a big enough wall....


  1. I'm enjoying what you're doing in the stitch/bead world. In quilting the hanging thingy is called a sleeve.

  2. Thrifted necklaces are the cheapest way to buy beads - take it from one who knows! Quite often the beads in necklaces are different than anything that gets packaged up and sold as 'beads'. btw- your phoenix is definitely rising beautifully!

  3. this canvas piece is looking stunning already, like the idea of the 3 shades of green for the background, I am sure it will give it lots of life rather than using just one shade.

  4. Blended floss always seem to have more life. He is going to be a beautiful bird.


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