Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Accidental Volunteer

I went over to the library this morning to snap pix of the first morning of the summer embroidery for kids program,conducted by Ruth Levy and Ginny Hallock, Ruth a friend of many decades, Ginny a terrific teacher and generous volunteer one, too.

Took two pix for the Guild newsletter and the Township website, then my battery died.  So Ruth, old friend, turns and says, well, you're here...and next thing I knew I was volunteering to help teach the group the beginnings of embroidery.  And it looks as if I'll be back next week, since they are a bit short of teaching help.  

Great fun, though, since I wasn't the main teacher, just an able bodied assistant.  So here are Ginny addressing the masses -- this is about half the kids who signed up and didn't get into the picture -- and Ruth, who is perfectly happy to have you know she's in her ninth decade and still stitching.  And teaching physical therapy, her main profession.


margaret said...

how good is this to get the young ones interested in stitching, good to see you have boys in the group too, I am sure you will enjoy your role and best of luck!

Minimiss said...

Fabulous to see so many young ones taking an interest in stitching. Have fun with the teaching.