Monday, July 22, 2013

All Roads Lead to Stitching

Yesterday my neighbor, DIY friend in crime and craft, stopped by to give me a share in a giant basil plant she'd got at the market, and I duly took half of it to plant, gave her orange mint in return, and she departed.  Meanwhile, a baby rabbit showed up and chowed down on the fallen basil leaves, amazingly sophisticated taste for one so young.

Then later, friend calls and says, this basil pesto you make, how do you do it, lemme write this down.  So we discussed the various approaches to basil pesto, historical, folkloric, automotive, oh, wrong program, and she said right, I must find my blender.

Seems she has a brand new blender she put away carefully so as not to clutter up her counter, and can not now find.  So she went up to the third floor (her version of my studio is the place you put Stuff Away).  And still can't find it, so the pesto has to wait, or she has to borrow my blender.

But in the search she found a whole treasure trove of stitching related items, see pic, which she promptly offloaded onto me, on the grounds that I'll do something about them! which I will, since there's some lovely blank evenweave fabric there,black and white, and a giant hoop (possibly a quilting hoop) and a ton of unopened 


kits. One of them she started years ago, and never finished, and I'm thinking of finishing this as a present for her, since she must have liked the design or she wouldn't have bought it.

So, interesting concatenation of events.  Only two women could go from basil plants to stitching in three easy leaps.


  1. Hey, it works for me! Looks like you got a treasure trove of stitching goodies...just too bad she didn't find the blender.

  2. can see you are going to be very busy with all those kits to stitch and to give one back to your friend is a lovely idea

  3. Tangents are wonderful things!!


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