Thursday, June 21, 2012

Papermaking, next stage, and exciting news

Experiment with some of the very transparent paper you saw here recently -- molding onto stencil shapes. I figured a very easy way to do this: just lay the completely dry paper on top of the shape you want to mold-- this is how I did those molded faces in my fiberarts exhibit works -- then spritz with clear water until the paper has gently settled down into the shapes you put under it.

Then the hard part comes -- leave it totally alone, no disturbance for however long it takes to dry. Can be up to a week at room temp in the winter, but since today we have a heat index of 105 F. and the studio is at the top of the house, right under the roof, it may be done faster.

I'll show you the results if I get any! with any luck, this will be part of the entry I'm making for a group artist show in September.

Back at the fiberarts show, we are getting national coverage on it! next week a professional photographer and a rep. of our Embroiderers' Guild of America local chapter, one of my broidery buds, will take pictures for a feature written by the bud, upcoming in Needlearts, the national mag of the EGA, yay us!

This came about with no effort on my part, just enthusiasm from embroiderers who came by to see and enjoy and it went from there. You will remember my nervousness about having "real" embroiderers looking at my work. I think I misjudged the whole thing, what a concept! and given that the bud is a professional writer, in addition to being a stitcher, I think the whole thing is in good hands.


Minimiss said...

Excellent!! You're going to be more famous than you already are.

I won't hold my breath to see the result of your playing with paper but only because I may be blue in the face if I have to hold it for a day or two, let alone a week. I am however, eager to see the end product.

Isabelle said...

it's a great idea. this paper seems to be too delicate to be push hardly in the shapes.
The second thing you have talk about seems to be a great new, but I am not sure to have all understand, because of my bad english