Friday, June 29, 2012

New stitches and showdown, or show down!

Today we took down the fiberarts show, and I find that I have yet another sale from it, this is most unusual, I mean, wonderful! There's always that sense of postcoital tristesse after a show's down. All the self imposed pressure of working toward it, the creating of a body of work, the anxiety about its reception, the fun of getting it shown and getting responses, always very instructive, all the energy of the reception, and then suddenly it's over!

There is a possibility that what's not sold from this show, plus other pieces I have either at home or in progress, might be offered another solo show locally. Waiting to hear about that at the moment.

Meanwhile, heatwave again, over 100 F. expected today and a couple more days, so stitching quietly, among various other things, is the order of the day. I finished my little bird in the tree, even remembered to sign it with my initials.

This is my version of blackwork, and I love how the stripes on the flowers give, in rl, that is, an optical illusion of gray, caused by their shadows. This was great fun. Just a lawn handkerchief, from the thrift store, and regular black sewing thread, number 8 needle.

The design I both adapted and did freestyle, together. The bird I adapted from a lovely Dover book on blackwork, because it was just what I was going to draw anyway, and I freehanded the flowersand twigs and tendrils and all that. Then I chose stitches that with any luck, have shown the different textures of the bird and the twigs and the petals.

I have to stretch and tack this, as a framed piece.


maryann johnston, CMP said...

So lovely! As always, your embroidery posts make me itch to stitch!

Minimiss said...

Very pretty boidie. You're a clever girl.

Isabelle said...

c'est très interessant comme essai. j'aime bien l'idée que tu as eu de reproduire les feffet de dégradés de gris qu'on obtient avec de petits traits, à l'aide de la broderie. Le rendu est vraiment bien