Saturday, June 2, 2012

Fiberarts Exhibit, June 2012

If you are in or near the Public Library of Plainsboro NJ between June 2 and June 28, you're warmly invited to come visit my solo fiberarts exhibit in the gallery there. Reception on Monday June 4 at 6 p.m., please consider yourself invited if it's possible for you to get there. There's a sign in book at the entrance, where you can also pick up your copy of the catalog and the artist statement.

view of the outside wall at the gallery entrance

side view of front wall of gallery

Same wall, other direction

Back wall of gallery

Curator Donna Senopoulos and I spent several hours unpacking, deciding and hanging the show. I took a few pix to show you the general layout and some individual pieces. I'm happy with how full the show turned out to be, after working on the pieces as individuals for so long and not seeing the whole collection together until the show was hung.

This is very normal for me, in fact, since I never have enough room to collect an entire show at home in one place. This one was stored on various walls on three floors until I managed to round them all up and transport them.

Three part handmade paper and embroidery, narrative of decision, dissolution then resolution!

Three Part Meditation, hand dyed silk with freeform embroidery

Traditional Japanese silk fabric, altered with freeform embroidery, circled fish, knitted wire

Tango, saori weaving with artist-spun yarns

Charleston with Butterflies, altered batik-style fabric and Netted Fish, knitted twine with knitted wire fish inclusions

Running Chain, hand dyed silk with freeform embroidery

Labyrinth and Heads, metallic thread and trapunto on satin, Green Fire, hand dyed cotton fabric, with freeform embroidery, and drawing, and Modern Column, knitted sisal twine with artist made paper molded head

French Curves, three part handmade paper and embroidery

Modern Japanese linen, altered fabric with freeform embroidery and drawing in silver pen

Ceres, Goddess of Grain, knitted and crocheted

Carnival, hand dyed and freeform embroidery on polyester fabric

Ancient Column, crochet thread knitted in Feather and Fan and adapted stitches, artist-made molded paper head

Fashion Victim, knitted cotton with knitted wire and pitfired clay jewelry additions.

It's always a strange feeling to hang a show, partly relief at having managed to get everything done on time, and being pleased with how it looks, and the extra space it leaves. Extra space at home and in my mind, that is.

Click to see better! and thank you, all the blogistas who have encouraged and cheered me on in this long journey, from HP's last year to my own new life. All these pieces are for sale, just contact me via email if you're interested.


Kitty said...

I like your work.

dogonart said...

Congratulations. A lovely show.

Tatiana L.Sougakova said...

Nice overview of the exhibit, the photos turned out great. I really enjoyed seeing it in person. Finally I found your blog, hopefully I can figure out the way one subscribes to it.

Tatiana L.Sougakova said...

This is a great show. I was glad to see it in person.

playfulstitching said...

Congratulations on a solo show! I think my favorite is the Ancient Column. simply beautiful. I wish I lived in the area to see it in person.

Kathryn said...

Oh, I love this collection. Love it! I wish I would have been able to see it in person. Congratulations on a wonderful exhibit.